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    Looks like a chilly May, no summer in sight?


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    Looks like a chilly May, no summer in sight?

    Post  coolerbythelake on Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:56 pm

    Here is my interpretation of the latest European long range model weekly forecast for North America which was issued Friday...........

    The week of May 5-11

    --Cooler and slightly drier than normal across Manitoba and most of Ontario.
    --Mild pattern throughout much of northern Canada.
    --Wet and cooler than normal pattern over the Northeast U.S. and into Nova Scotia.
    --Nice weather across BC
    --Normal temps across the Prairies.
    --Cool compared to normal over the Southeastern U.S.

    The week of May 12-18

    --Drier and warmer than normal weather for BC
    --Mostly dry and seasonable across the Prairies.
    --Slightly cooler compared to normal over Ontario and southern Quebec
    --Drier and warmer than normal from Labrador through Newfoundland
    --Unsettled across the southern Maritimes.
    --Cool and wet pattern from the eastern Great Lakes to the U.S. East Coast.
    --Warm and dry pattern for the U.S. West Coast

    The week of May 19-25

    --Still drier and warmer than normal from Labrador through Newfoundland
    --Wetter pattern compared to normal for the U.S. East Coast
    --Cooler than normal for the Great Lakes, including southern Ontario
    --Temperatures and rainfall trend back to normal in BC
    --Drier than normal with seasonable temps for the prairies.
    --Normal rainfall from Ontario to Quebec.

    I am beginning to think that we may have a cold remainder of spring and summer might disapoint a lot of warm weather enthusiasts...I don't know how else to look a this other than there are signs of a block over Greenland really taking control the next 30-45 days with only an occasional breakdown, not good at all for Chicago.

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